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Successful Dating - Table of Contents


I wish I knew...

Successful Dating is your one stop-dating guide. No unnecessary blah-blah. The information is right there at your fingertips.

The guide can be used in different ways. It’s a handy tool when you want to prepare yourself a little. It can give you an advantage when going on a blind date or getting to know someone you’ve just met - and even someone you’ve known for a while.

Although this guide can help you angle your approach, remember to be true to yourself and who you are. Have fun, be wise, follow your heart - and keep your feet on the ground!

- Cathrine Dahl




Table of Contents


Intro: The Essence of your date

  • Blind Date, Speedy Essentials:
  • The Essence
  • Who’s waiting for you?
  • Emergency fixes for embarrassing pauses
  • Your place or mine?

Chapter 1 - Prepare Yourself

  • Catch His Eye & Capture his attention
  • Top 10 Attention Grabbers
  • The SHE/HE. The Dream Date

Chapter 2 - The First Date

  • Getting your foot in the door
  • Whatever you do, don't...
  • Signs you’re in – or not
  • Not your type? Making an exit


Chapter 3 - Sex’n Stuff

  • Seductive Moves
  • How to get him/her in the mood
  • Hitting the right buttons
  • His/her expectations

Chapter 4 - The Big Picture

  • General Stuff
  • Pros and Cons
  • Romantic vibes
  • Erotic vibrations
  • Arousal Rating

Chapter 5 - Compatibility Quiz