About Cathrine Dahl

It's a different reality since my first series 'Kærlighedens Verden' was published in Norway and Denmark. At that point, it was the old fashioned way... publishing through a publisher and waiting for my books to be distributed to book stores, gift shops and general vendors.

Today... not only are books available to the world overnight, but the readers expect a lot more - a lot faster. If you are looking for information, you want it NOW! It should be easily accessible, to the point, understandable, and preferably entertaining. That's what I had in mind when I wrote the sequel: No More Frogs - Successful Dating. The essence is basically: Angle your approach. Communicate. Date successfully.

I've done more than writing books. My astrological articles have been published in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, with regular columns in 'Woman' and 'Det Nye' (Norway) and Tidens Kvinder (Denmark).

Communication and culture is a passion. No matter what we do, we communicate - whether you are aware of it or not. Same goes with presentation. You may not think about it, but whenever you nip around to the shops to pick up some milk, you present yourself in a certain way... you communicate. This will be my theme in my upcoming blog. Sounds interesting? Follow me here or there.

Stay tuned.
Cathrin Dahl