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Get a head start when going on a date with a Gemini. Successful Dating is your one-stop astrological dating guide. The information is right there at your fingertips. You’ll get hints and tips, dos and don’ts. There's also an informal quiz at the end which will give you an indication as to how well the two of you are matched.

The complete series consists of 12 books, one for each star sign in the zodiac. Each book is approximately 50 pages, with one male- and one female version. View table of contents below.


Table of Contents


Intro: The Essence of your date

  • Blind Date, Speedy Essentials:
  • The Essence
  • Who’s waiting for you?
  • Emergency fixes for embarrassing pauses
  • Your place or mine?

Chapter 1 - Prepare Yourself

  • Catch His Eye & Capture his attention
  • Top 10 Attention Grabbers
  • The SHE/HE.  The Dream Date

Chapter 2 - The First Date

  • Getting your foot in the door
  • Whatever you do, don't...
  • Signs you’re in – or not
  • Not your type? Making an exit

Chapter 3 - Sex’n Stuff

  • Seductive Moves
  • How to get him/her in the mood
  • Hitting the right buttons
  • His/her expectations

Chapter 4 - The Big Picture

  • General Stuff
  • Pros and Cons
  • Romantic vibes
  • Erotic vibrations
  • Arousal Rating

Chapter 5 - Compatibility Quiz