Get to know your date, rediscover your partner - or simply get to know the people around you.

The astrological series ‘No More Frogs’ consists of one book for each star sign, each book with a male- and a female section.

The information is right there at your fingertips. You’ll get hints and tips, dos and don’ts, and a compatibility quiz at the end.


Table of Contents

Each book has one male and one female section.

The Essence of your date • Blind Date, Speedy Essentials: • Who’s waiting for you? • Emergency fixes for embarrassing pauses. • Your place or mine? • Checklist

Prepare Yourself • Catch His/Her Eye & Capture his/her attention • Top 10 Attention Grabbers • The SHE/HE. The Dream Date

The First Date • Getting your foot in the door • Whatever you do, don't... • Signs you’re in – or not • Not your type? Making an exit

Sex’n Stuff • Seductive Moves • How to get him/her in the mood • Hitting the right buttons • Get it on • His/her expectations • Mini-quiz; Leo's vs. your erotic preferences

The Big Picture • General Stuff • Pros and Cons • Romantic vibes • How to show romantic interest

Compatibility Quiz


Got options? Or just browsing around…? Chck out your guide to the males in the zodiac

Silent and mysterious or outgoing and energitic...? Explore the magical word of the male. "No more Frogs" is your ultimate manual and will guide you through all the males in the zodiac.

424 pages 
Kindle $ 14 .75  |  Paperback $ 23.99

Eyeing someone special? Check out the individual star signs below.


Your astrological guide to the Aries. Get to know your date ot rediscover your partner.

Dating or rediscover your Aries partner

Enthusiasm, positive energy, impulsiveness... This book will provide you with useful hints on how to dazzle the Aries - and keep up!

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Taurus partner

Slow down and enter the sensuous world of the Taurus. A tender romance or a hot seduction...? Read on to get some useful insight.

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Gemini partner

Seize the moment, be impulsive, be enthusiastic - or be left behind by the Gemini. This book will guide you in the right direction.

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Cancer partner

Seductive femininity, sensitive masculinity, romance, magic... and a challenge when trying to capture their interest. Get a few hints.

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Leo partner

You don't date a Leo, you embrace the Leo! You're either in... or you're off. Don't mess up your chances by making silly mistakes...

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Virgo partner

Charming and playful... it's easy to forget you're dealing with the perfectionist of the zodiac. Hit the road or hit the jackpot? It's in the details.

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Libra partner

It's like taking time-out from the world. The Libra is beauty, harmony... and a firm goodbye if you don't live up to the expectations. 

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Scorpio partner

Seductive, mysterious and intense... the world of the Scorpio does not have any roadmaps. Get some clues to keep you on the right track.

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Sagittarius partner

Fun, friendly and free - retire your possessive and negative sides. Embrace the joy of life - or the Sagittarius will embrace someone else.

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Capricorn partner

Cute and sassy or hunky and masculine... it'll do for a date. Long term? You'll get nowhere without connecting your brain!

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Aquarius partner

The Aquarius won't settle for just anyone... You must be a part of the adventure in order to spark the interest. Get a few hints and tips...

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Dating or rediscover your Pisces partner

Laughter, enthusiasm and joy... Pisces radiate a rare positivity. Nurture the dream and you'll create romantic sparks. Find inspiration…

Kindle $ 4 .75  |  Paperback $ 5.99


Got options…? Might as well go for the complete manual. Choose your guide to the MALES or the FEMALES in the zodiac.


Your guide to the males in the zodiac

Silent and mysterious or outgoing and energitic...? Explore the magical word of the male. "No more Frogs" is your ultimate manual and will guide you through all the males in the zodiac.

424 pages 
Kindle $ 14 .75  |  Paperback $ 23.99


Your guide to the females in the zodiac

Discover the mysteries behind the women in the zodiac and get a head start before going on a date. This complete manual includes all the twelve star signs.

424 pages 
Kindle coming in August  |  Paperback $ 23.99